I attended a First District supervisor candidates’ debate to learn about the candidates Das Williams and Laura Capps. My takeaway: Where Laura Capps is concerned, there is very little substance or hands-on experience. In a nutshell, there “ain’t a lot of there, there.”  Her objection and justification for opposing Das related to the cannabis growers funding Das and that was pretty much it. Understandably, she doesn’t have the experience (which she admitted to throughout the evening).

Das Williams, by contrast, showed knowledge, expertise and competence. He both understands and has strong commitments to many issues, from recycled water, to safe access to schools, to alleviating congestion on local roads. Das could talk about his hands-on experience helping to rebuild trails and dig out houses buried in mud. He could point to his outreach to CalTrans about reopening the left onramp to Hwy 101 to help with the congestion on Coast Village Road. Those are just a few examples of his deep experience with our district, working the system to get things done for the community.

There’s a reason Das has been endorsed by almost every public official in the region, as well as sheriffs, firefighters, labor groups, environmental organizations and even the Women’s Political Committee. He has the record and, at the debate, it showed.

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