Carolyn Edwards’ statement (CVN Letters, Vol. 26 No. 14) that the current impeachment proceeding is the first in our history that does not have bi-partisan support is misleading. The Clinton impeachment consisted of two charges: Perjury and Obstruction of Justice. Of the 228 Republicans in the House, 12 sided with Democrats on the Perjury charge and 5 on the Obstruction charge. Not exactly bi-partisan support. Even so, there were two huge differences.

Clinton was accused of having an affair with a White House intern, while Trump is accused of misappropriating congressionally approved funds to enhance his election chances. I’ll let everyone decide for themselves the comparative seriousness of these two accusations.

The other significant difference is that Clinton was not vindictive or blatantly corrupt, while Trump has demonstrated his wrath and will do anything to destroy those he finds disloyal; at the same time, Trump hands out favors and money to his “loyalists” who will also become his jurors. Was that what our forefathers intended?

As for Ms. Edwards’ other comments, they are standard scripted talking points from the White House. And while, yes, in the short term, the markets may be up and there has been some solid growth in certain sectors, there are far more serious, long-term concerns that we all need to think about: affordable healthcare and education, our environment and our global partnerships. These foundations of our well-being are being threatened by a dysfunctional Administration and Republican Party.

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