Does Das Williams really believe what he says? “The cannabis controversy is largely a controversy in the media only, and that most Carpinteria residents aren’t as outraged as Capps has made it sound in four debates during January and February.” Has he not read the hundreds of letters from his constituents against the smell of cannabis since he was paid around $60,000 from the cannabis growers?

Hundreds of his constituents have been posting complaints on “Nextdoor” for years. Has he not heard, or I should say, listened to, the hundreds of his Carpinteria constituents complaining about the smell of cannabis at the County Board of Supervisors meeting for more than two years? Has he not read the years of documentation from the Carpinteria City Council complaining about the cannabis odors in residential areas effecting the health of Carpinteria High School students and residents whose homes are surrounded by cannabis farms? Has he not taken time to read and respond to the “Cannabis Resolution” from the Carpinteria City Council to the County Board of Supervisors?

Or is it that he chooses not to hear his constituents? Or has the $60,000 donated to him by the cannabis farmers helped close his ears and eyes to his constituents’ cries for help? Supervisor Williams has had years to correct his wrongs, long before Laura Capps entered the race for supervisor.

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I know no one reads these but in the spirit of the election season, for anyone really interested in this Carpinteria Cannbis issue, I highly recommend you read the Commentary submitted by Ms. Esposito's next door neighbor that he formally submitted as a Comment letter in the County Cannabis hearings. In that letter he directly refutes his neighbor Ms. Esposito's claims about Cannbis odor at their residential community right off of Linden and El Carro. He states that he is a local young professional with children who use the community pol and other facilities and never, that is never smell any Cannabis odors today and that letter was written about a year ago. Ms. Esposito is a very elderly lady who has testified in local hearings that she has had cancer 4 times but today all her health issues are caused by Cannbis odor. If it was not for Cannabis odor she would be doing laps around the block. Well we all live here and smell the air everyday so judge for yourself.

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