The year is 2021, Joe Biden is president, and “the socialists” are now in charge. Going forward, it is an understatement to say things will be radically different. The question of the day is, will the new president do what is best for America?

Already there are questions concerning this issue. How is killing our energy sector by shutting down the Keystone XL Pipeline, suspending drilling permits on federal lands, banning fracking and joining the Paris Climate Agreement good for America? Millions of jobs will be lost, gas and oil prices will go up, America will now become dependent on foreign oil, and the Paris Climate Agreement will mandate strict carbon emissions on the U.S. but not China and India who have poor standards.   

How is implementing a radical open borders immigration policy good for our country? How is stopping all deportation orders, encouraging amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants and not building a border wall to protect our borders good for America? Walls give us security, safety and protect our health. A nation without laws and borders is not a nation.

Are our freedoms to speak, to act and to assemble being threatened? How is the censorship, banning and criminalization of conservatives good for our country? Do we still have first amendment rights when the media, Big Tech, big corporations and the government take away these rights? Hold onto your hats America, it is going to be a bumpy ride in 2021.


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Ahhh yes the Thorns are back on the other side again. Fear sells, but I ask the rational minds out there to resist mightily.

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