I laughed right out loud startling several folks in the quiet surroundings of Starbucks when I read Diana Thorn’s latest screed (“Cannabis industry,” Letters, CVN, Vol. 25, No. 37). This one concerning marijuana.

I agree with the smell issue, we are working with the county to abate this nuisance, please note we do not grow it in the city of Carpinteria. But what made me laugh was the twisting, convenient logic of saying “greed and money have been put ahead of health, safety, food supply and economic security (the value of homes).”

I’m curious, isn’t the right-wing conservative agenda capitalism, free markets and unlimited profits with no government restrictions, unlivable wages and personal gain? Hummmm. The right shoe mysteriously migrates to the left foot.

Funny, when the oil drilling consortiums want to drill, frack and contaminate, or entitled homeowners are up in arms about granny flat invasions or “oh my god, the cost” of health care for all, that punishing right foot kicks us right in the derrière.

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