A reader sends a halo to the people who ride their bikes after dark with front and rear lights. “I’ve had a few scares, and so I appreciate you!”

A reader sends a halo to Ron Alonzo for all his help as the code compliance supervisor. “He is so helpful, and we are thankful to have him!”

A reader sends a halo to the kind-hearted young man who paid for the reader’s produce at the Farmers Market because the reader didn’t have the correct change. “I love Carpinteria!”

A reader sends a halo to everyone who helped the reader when she got bit by a raccoon while she was sleeping in the campground.

A reader sends a halo to Colson’s Garage. “Thank you for going above and beyond with taking care of my older car. And for literally going the extra mile to pick me up!”

A reader sends a halo to Zookers for the thoughtful and attentive staff, exquisite food and atmosphere, and for making the reader’s husband’s 50th birthday celebration as lovely as it was. “We are so lucky to have such a wonderful presence in our community.”

A reader sends a halo to the gals at Danny’s Deli for making her sandwich in time for the reader to catch her bus. “Keep up the good work.”

A reader sends a halo to Jesus Zamora. “CEF appreciates you—Carp-a-Cabana would not happen without your assistance.”

A reader sends a pitchfork to the woman sitting in her car at 3:30 a.m. on Monday, Sept. 9, cussing away with her car running. “She woke up the neighborhood.”

A reader sends a pitchfork to a local store clerk. “You’ve been rude to me, my friends and now my doctor’s office. Don’t take your problems out on other people—try a job where you’re not stressed and be pleasant.”  

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