A reader sends a halo to Ms. Piccoletti at Aliso School. “Thank you for your uplifting spirit and your positive interactions with students online. The Carpinteria community is lucky to have you as an educator.”


A reader sends a halo to Jocelyn at Sandcastle Time for her dedication to staying in Carpinteria. “Support local shops!”


A reader sends a halo to Laughing Buddha and the shop salesperson Robyn who went above and beyond. “She helped make our first visit to Carpinteria a great one. We will definitely be coming back!”


A reader sends a halo to the two gentlemen working on their car on 8th Street who assisted the reader with his tangled bicycle chain. “They quickly fixed my bike and cheerfully sent me on my way. Thanks for the great, friendly help.”


A reader sends a halo to Rick at the Worker Bee Café for his kindness and friendship. “Oh, and the food is fabulously delicious!”


A reader sends a halo to Dr. Kevin Choo, chiropractor, who has a new business in town. “Make your appointment today!”


A reader sends a pitchfork to the downtown restaurant that still uses individual, single-use creamers. “The trash from them is always blowing all over the sidewalk.”


A reader sends a pitchfork to the people who don’t bother to properly dispose of their disposable face masks. “Clean up after yourselves.”


A reader sends a pitchfork to those who use the grassy athletic field at the Carpinteria Children’s Project campus as a dog park where kids play and crawl around.


A reader sends a pitchfork to the people who feel they need to voice their opinions with sticky notes. “It’s passive aggressive and extremely childish. Not only are the notes just ridiculous, but you’re also vandalizing my car with the glue on your notes.”

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