A reader sends a halo to the city of Carpinteria and Caltrans for opening Via Real from Casitas Pass Road to Bailard Avenue. “But the thoroughfare near San Roque Mobile Home Park is dangerously narrow for bicyclists and autos. Please check it out!”


A reader sends a halo to Carmen at Albertsons who went out of her way to make sure that the reader received the cash she accidentally left behind when using the self-check lane. “You’re the best!”


A reader sends a halo to Greg with Mask UP Carp for getting the reader lots of black chalk and a tent, and making the event super fun. “Thank you, and looking forward to next year.”


A reader sends a halo to Canalino Elementary School Principal Persoon for being an outstanding leader and hero for children. “CUSD is blessed to have such an intelligent, giving soul.”


A reader sends a halo to the angel who (many years ago) found the reader’s library books accidentally left at Carpinteria Creek Park and kindly returned them to the library. “So sorry for the delayed thank you!”


A reader sends a halo to the new younger generation for making it possible for the reader to wear his old beat up and torn Levi’s and be in style.


A reader sends a halo to the young lady throwing the football on the beach. “She caught every ball that was being thrown—it was neat to watch.”


A reader sends a halo to Ron Labrum for doing a fantastic job installing the reader’s sparkling new kitchen faucet. “Very professional!”


A reader sends a halo to Jessica Clark for opening a third PeeBee & Jay’s restaurant. “Congratulations, the sandwiches are the best in town.”


A reader sends a halo to Jason Klein at Caltrans for so quickly putting up a shield on a lamp post so the reader’s backyard is no longer flooded with light at night.


A reader sends a pitchfork to particular residents in Mussel Shoals. “They park their vehicles in the few public parking spaces every weekend. One resident moves his vehicle from his driveway to one of two handicapped spaces. It is a public beach!”   


A reader sends a pitchfork to the customers who incorrectly park in the curbside pickup slots at a local fast food restaurant and then proceed to order inside. “You force those of us who do need curbside to block other cars and wait over 30 minutes for our food.”   


A reader sends a pitchfork to the people refusing to wear masks in town despite signs everywhere. “And a double pitchfork to the lady who intentionally coughed on a family not wearing masks. I hope it doesn’t come back to haunt her!”


A reader sends a pitchfork to Carpinteria Unified School District for trying to open schools before there is a viable vaccine. “You’re putting the whole community as risk.”


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