A reader sends a halo to Dr. Clark and Lark at Sansum Clinic for “taking the splinter out of my hoof.” 


A reader sends a halo to Walk and Roll dog trainer Chris Vallee. “Best dog whisperer ever; he calmed our dog’s barking! Thanks to him our neighbors don’t hate us anymore and there is peace in the Valley.”


A reader sends a halo to Dr. Z for taking care of so many people for 19 years. “You were always there for my husband and I and made house calls. They don’t make them like that anymore. You will be missed deeply.”


A reader sends a halo to Harry and Patty, two of the kindest, sweetest people I know. “All the best.”


A reader sends a halo to their friend Lea, who is genuine goodness. “Like a cold and crisp grape that is also juicy.”  


A reader sends a halo to the Gonzalez family for the neighborly loan of Internet access on a critical event date when it was needed most. “Thank you, Dante, for saving the day!”


A reader sends a halo to Marybeth Carty, Win and Ed Van Wingerden, and Compassionate Care of Carpinteria. “You all make this world a better place!”


A reader sends a halo to Tony and Valerie for dinner at Gianfranco. “Best wishes for your new home here.” 


A pitchfork to the owners of the roughly seven nonrunning cars parked on the street in the 4200 blocks and to the agency responsible for parking enforcement.


A reader sends a pitchfork to the neighbor with the redwood pines. “The needles blow into your neighbor’s yard and the pine cones fall and damage parked cars!”





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