A reader sends a halo to GranVida and their jewelry making committee for their generous donation to the Carpinteria Library.

A reader sends a halo to the reader’s fellow Girl Scouts and family for helping at the lemonade stand. “Together we are wagging our way towards building a dog park in Carpinteria!”

A reader sends a halo to The Americana Cats for their wonderful weekly free Friday afternoon concert at Lucky Llama.

A reader sends a halo to Das Williams for his quick response in setting up a portable air monitor in Carpinteria.

A reader sends a halo to the hard-working staff at Jersey Mike’s Subs. “We had them cater three sub boxes, and when I arrived they were working on our order along with a five-box order. All staff were in sync, with great attitudes and amazing rhythm.”

A reader sends a halo to Gonzo’s Bike Shop for fixing the reader’s squeaky brakes.

A reader sends a halo to Mario (the kindest cashier in the world) for offering to check-in on the reader’s elderly mother. “Albertson’s is lucky to have such a wonderful employee!”

A reader sends a halo to GranVida Senior Living for the festive Halloween party and costume contest that was organized for the residents. “What a blast!”


A reader sends a halo to the young man who was in line at the store buying flowers and a card for his wife because she had a rough day. “It’s the little things that will make it last a lifetime—made my day seeing you do that! Thank you!”


A reader sends a halo to the good Samaritan who took the time to sweep up broken beer bottles off the new bicycle underpass. “Some stupid individuals thought it would be funny to sabotage unsuspecting bike riders. Your good work is appreciated.”


A reader sends a halo to the Warriors cheerleaders for understanding the meaning of “Warrior quarter.”


A reader sends a halo to Marianne and her dog Ben for spending a Sunday afternoon on Franklin Trail picking up dog poop. “Please people, just pick up your own dog’s poo so others don’t have to.”

A reader sends a halo to Kathy Hayden for bringing Kindermusik back to Carpinteria. “It’s a fabulous, fun way to learn music.”

A reader sends a halo to Aliso School’s ELAC for organizing and hosting the celebration for Día de los Muertos.  “Thank you to all the families who came out to participate and support our school. What a fantastic evening!  It was so beautiful to see families coming together to celebrate!”

A reader sends a pitchfork to schools that did not close last week. “Multiple agencies in the county issued warnings about air quality, while the district did nothing to protect their students and staff from the smoke incident during the Maria fire.”

A reader sends a pitchfork to the person or people that decided the sound wall should not continue along in front of the Hales Lane neighborhood. “The noise levels are, and will continue to be, unbearable for many homes.”  

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