A reader sends a halo to the Boy Scouts of Troop 50 for spending the last two Saturdays clearing the weeds from the infields at El Carro Park.

A reader sends a halo to Superintendent Rigby and Principal Cornejo for their countless hours in creating a county-approved graduation for our seniors. “We appreciate your grit and determination to give our CHS seniors what they deserve.”

A reader sends a halo to Ray Kolbe for looking after bees and other pollinators. “Many don’t know how important they are to our food supply. Thank you, Ray!”

A reader sends a halo to Ron Davisson and the volunteers at St. Joseph’s Resale Shop for requiring masks and social distancing.


A reader sends a halo to Annette Fisher for all her fundraising efforts. “You’re Carpinteria’s angel!”

A reader sends a halo to Lynn Menicucci, who has contributed so much to our community by giving out masks. “Thank you for your service and hard work!”

A reader sends a halo to everyone wearing their masks walking around town.  

A reader sends a halo to the person who put the Sunday LA Times in the little free library.

A reader sends a halo to Rena Van Kirk and Sunset Rotary Club for organizing “Carpinteria Community Dinners” with local restaurants. “This big win-win keeps the restaurants in business and their staff working. What a special gift to me and other Carpinteria seniors. I don’t think this creative idea can be beat. (Well, maybe if someone cut my hair.)”


A reader sends a pitchfork to all the parents allowing their kids to “hang out” with no regard to social distancing. “So irresponsible!”

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A local beach resident sends a halo to Tom Sweeney for going out on Elm Ave by the beach, to clean up plastic bottles, bags, dirty gloves and masks after the

out of town litter bugs come to our beach town and don't respect it...And a pitchfork for those kooks.

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