A reader sends a halo to Barbara for being the best babysitter to the reader’s three girls and for all the amazing volunteer work she does for the community’s kids. “Carpinteria is lucky to have you!”


A reader sends a halo to the staff at Roxanne’s a Wish and a Dream for going out of their way to find and order bolts of Dodgers, Lakers and Raiders fabric specifically for the reader. “They don’t usually carry sports prints, but now I can make masks for family and friends. Buy local!”

A reader sends a halo to Tom Fuller for being such a wonderful neighbor. “You do so much for our La Conchita community!”


A reader sends a halo to Sealwatch volunteers Susan and David Allen for their work during these busy and challenging times.


A reader sends a halo to Dean and the Carpinteria Fire Department for their exemplary service in driving home an injured elderly patient and checking on him for two days. “Everyone truly went above and beyond to make sure my patient continued to receive the support he requires – almost unheard of in modern times.”


A reader sends a halo to the Public Works department for picking up all the palm fronds during these windy days. “Also, a big thank you to the individual on Carpinteria Avenue who went above and beyond to help clean up the palm fronds in our yard!”


A reader sends a pitchfork to decision makers in Summerland. “In less than 12 months under your watch, 14 businesses along Lillie Avenue have been repainted white. The final straw is that the Big Yellow House is now white!”


A reader sends a pitchfork to cat owners who don’t look after their outdoor cats. “Too many cats are left outside all day and they are eating birds and baby birds in nests.”


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