A reader sends a halo to the Forest Service for clearing the paths on Franklin Trail. “Amazing!”

A reader sends a halo to the handful of local people regularly seen picking up trash around Carpinteria. “Thanks for helping to keep our little community clean. Let’s all pitch in and help out.”


A reader sends a halo to “J” for the note on the reader’s car. “Thanks for bringing my dropped key to Crushcakes. You are a star!”

A reader sends a halo to Holiday Inn manager Michael Ensign for assisting one of the reader’s clients to stay an extra evening, even though the hotel was full. “Thank you!”

A reader sends a halo to everyone at GranVida for taking such wonderful care of the reader’s dad. “It’s such a comfort to know we can keep our loved ones here in Carpinteria. Thank you, GranVida!”

A reader sends a halo to California Gold Ballroom Dance Studios. “Thank you for creating such a beautiful, classy dance studio and offering a variety of dance lessons as well as studio performances for all ages and no experience necessary. You go above and beyond.”

A reader sends a halo to the deputy who responded to a call about adolescent boys exposing themselves to the reader while she ran on the high school track. “Thank you for responding quickly so that I was able to feel safe again, and I hope those boys learned their lesson!”

A reader sends a halo to the Carpinteria Woman’s Club and Geri Carty for the use and availability of the club. “It’s a great venue for our community meetings. We all feel welcome and comfortable there.”

A reader sends a halo to the locals who rescued the young crow who was tangled up in fishing line. “You have good hearts!”

A reader sends a halo to JR and his crew at Colsons for being honest, efficient and friendly. “That can be a rarity with mechanics. Thank you!”

A reader sends a pitchfork to the two boys at a restaurant who ordered two large pizzas and didn’t finish, leaving half a pizza to waste.

A reader sends a pitchfork to the clear-cutting guy. “I know you mean well, but clear-cutting a path through the bluffs makes it feel like walking down a wide, dead road. Please stop trying to pave paradise, if you need a path the size of car with no life on it, try Carp Ave.”

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