A reader sends a halo to whoever returned the reader’s purse. “Thanks for all the prayers—they worked and I got the most important stuff back. Carpinteria rocks!”

A reader sends a halo to Neil Ablitt, Kit Brazier and Ablitt's Fine Cleaners for absorbing the printing cost for “Tales from Toro Canyon and Beyond,” and vigorously promoting it. “All donations directly benefit the Carpinteria Historical Society and Museum.”

A reader sends a halo to Jesus Zamora for his able assistance at Relay For Life.

A reader sends a halo to Mike for being the best park host Rincon has ever had.

A reader sends a halo to the local businesses who donated to Cottage Hospital's ER employee appreciation event. “It is greatly appreciated!”

A reader sends a halo to the Yamaoka Family for always being so generous. “Their beautiful flowers really made our Relay For Life booth pop! And thanks to Greg Frontado and Benjamin Anderson for helping set up—we couldn’t have done it without you!”   

A reader sends a halo to Sylvia Louda for her big-hearted gesture to help a recently widowed friend. 

A reader sends a halo to the Alcazar Theatre. “The Summer Drama Camp did a fantastic production of ‘The Very UnMerry Adventures of Robin Hood.’ Those kids are so talented!”

A reader sends a halo to the CHS Warrior cheerleaders for putting on a phenomenal summer camp for the kids in the community. “You all are such amazing kids. Thank you!”

A reader sends a halo to Will and Jamie Persoon for accommodating the HOPE and Heart signs. “It wouldn't be possible without you! Thank you!”

A reader sends a halo to Nancy and Doug Garrison, and Sally Green and Sue Harrison for being such amazing organizers and volunteers, and to Karen Welty Graf, Winfred Van Wingerden, Rene Van Wingerden and Eric and Harry Van Wingerden. “Thank you!”     

A reader sends a pitchfork to those who don't bother to flatten items before putting them in the recycle barrel, resulting in overflowing trash on the streets every collection day.

A reader sends a pitchfork to the owner(s) of a large male German Shepherd-looking dog. “The dog wanders the Franklin Trail completely on its own. I don’t want to call animal control, but if I see it walking unaccompanied on the trail again, I will.”

A reader sends a pitchfork to whoever runs the water equipment rentals at one of the local beaches. “Where are they? The lifeguard said they have staffing issues. They were not there on the weekend of July 4, nor the following weekend.” 


A reader sends a pitchfork to the parents who allow their children to run amok at a condo complex. “Also, pick up your dog's poop and stop littering and dropping cigarette butts—it's not our job to mind your kids or clean up after you. Keep them out of my garden!”

A reader sends a pitchfork to the unfriendly La Conchita resident who forced a neighbor to appear in court due to his small dog jumping from his car into his front gate.  

A reader sends a pitchfork to the pilots of small aircraft who are polluting the air with so many passes over the valley on any given day.

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