A reader sends a halo to Bill Cross in gratitude for 22 years of providing numismatic expertise at his shop, Bill’s Coins. “Bill, you will be missed, but enjoy your retirement!”

A reader sends a halo to Bob Herrick for teaching two locals how to play pickleball. “Great thanks, great experience!”

A reader sends a halo to the city of Carpinteria staff who helped accomplish everything needed for winter maintenance at the Carpinteria Community Pool. “We have been getting rave reviews from everyone.”

A reader sends a halo to the gentleman who paid for the reader’s groceries at Albertsons while she helped a lady in the parking lot who forgot one of her bags after checking out.

A reader sends a halo to Vasily Golovin of the California Gold Dance Studios on Carpinteria Avenue who makes the best faces when dancing and has the tightest moves.

A reader sends a halo to the Alcazar Theatre for showing so many good films lately. “So nice to meet your friends and neighbors at our local, friendly theatre. One of my LA friends and a woman I met there from Ventura the other night love the fact that you serve wine.”

A reader sends a pitchfork to the driver who “flipped the bird” at the reader when he wished him a Happy New Year. “He flipped me off again as I waited for him to make his illegal left turn onto Casitas Pass Road.”

A reader sends a pitchfork to the many parents who allow (and sometimes encourage) their children to throw rocks at seagulls on the beach. “It’s cruel, and it’s illegal. Why not raise them to be respectful and kind instead?”

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