A reader sends a halo to Armando at the Carpinteria Goodwill. “He always greets customers with a smile and helps them find anything they might need.” 


A reader sends a halo to Jim Campos for his interesting columns in Throwback Thursday. “I especially liked his recent story of walking  with his brother to find his parents at age five. Similar lore happened in our family in 1995 when our son, Martin Watts, walked home from Lou Grant Parent-Child Workshop at age four.”


A reader sends a halo to whoever put out the crates of free avocados around town.

A reader sends a halo to Chef Nirasha Rodriguez at The Food Liaison for making a special batch of orzo salad for her. “Even when you were sold out, you always make it to fulfill my pregnancy cravings!”  


A reader sends a halo to Dr. Kevin Choo, a new chiropractor in town who held holiday hours for those who were in need of re-alignment and comfort for the new year. 

A reader sends a pitchfork to the group of people who ignored the sign at the east end of the seal sanctuary on Tuesday, Dec. 29. “They frightened all the seals into the sea and ignored our requests to leave the area.”


A reader sends a pitchfork to whoever is responsible for leaving the mess of holiday decorations strewn about on the Linden Avenue/Ogan Road roundabout. “Clean it up and stop ‘decorating’ the freeway on-ramp like it’s yours.”


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