A reader sends a halo to the ladies and gentlemen who volunteer to make the beautiful floral bouquets every Friday evening for St. Joseph Church. “Thanks also for the flower growers who donate the flowers!”

A reader sends a halo to the Carpinteria Sanitary District. “Eddie and his team—Lance and General Manager Craig—were incredibly responsive and dedicated to repairing a sewer line which left our office without water and sewer for almost four work days—best crew there is!”  

A reader sends a halo to Mike and Barb Bell for their annual La Conchita clean-up efforts. “Thank you for your years of service to our amazing community.”

A reader sends a halo to Mark, the groundskeeper at the Carpinteria Cemetery. “The grounds never looked so good. Thanks, Mark!”

A reader sends a halo to Joaquin at Gonzo Cycles. “He was friendly and willing to help when my bike tire went flat. His kindness is what turns strangers into friends and makes Carpinteria a great place to live. I was soon on the road again all the better for visiting his shop.”

A reader sends a halo to Marty the mechanic. “His car knowledge and kindness are unrivaled.”

A reader sends a halo to the Carpinteria Valley Historical Society for publishing the fascinating story series about Carpinteria history in their newsletter “The Grapevine.”

A reader sends a halo to the Junior Lifeguards crew for making Carpinteria beaches beautiful the Monday after their big event. “They picked up all the trash left from the event!”

A reader sends a halo to the girl who bought the last two ears of corn at the Farm Cart. “When she realized I was there to buy some too, she followed me to my car and insisted I take hers—no charge! Such a nice thing to do. Thank you.”

A reader sends a halo to the parties responsible for the removal of the concrete bench on the Santa Monica Creek path. “May I never again have to ask the people who used it to stop smoking marijuana within a few yards of the young children playing on the other side of the nearby fence.”

A reader sends a pitchfork to the grocery store for not having enough of the smaller grocery carts. “The majority of shoppers don’t need the bigger carts, and they’re hard to maneuver.”

A reader sends a pitchfork to the housing project on Cravens Lane. “Not very neighborly to wake everyone up in the middle of the night. I was expecting the Sheriff to stop them from making the early morning noise, I was wrong, they were allowed to continue working. Shameful!”

A reader sends a pitchfork to the mother screaming at her baby in a stroller on Linden Avenue.

A reader sends a pitchfork to the Coastal View News for not having sudoku in the paper last week. “Please don’t ever do that again. Enough about weed and the proposed hotel (ad nauseam), bring back sudoku!”

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