A reader sends a halo to Sharon Organista, the reader’s friend and travel agent, for getting the reader an early ticket home from Panama the day before they closed their airport. “Without her help we may have been stuck there on 24-hour-a-day quarantine (and with surfing now illegal!).”

A reader sends a halo to all the teachers at Aliso Elementary School for transitioning students to online learning. “I was also impressed with the distribution and organization of Chromebooks and class materials. Thank you for setting up our students for success!”

A reader sends a halo to Helga from Shepard Mesa for sharing paper towels, sanitizer and flowers. “You are always so kind and thoughtful.”

A reader sends a halo to Kevin and Diane who found the reader’s wallet on Carpinteria Avenue and delivered it to the reader.

A reader sends a halo to their thoughtful, generous neighbor who passed out beautiful orchids. “It was an uplifting and loving gesture. We are blessed to live here on Olive and Carpinteria avenues. Be safe, be strong.”

A reader sends a halo to Arlene and John Avalos for always stepping up to help. “They did so much at St. Joe’s Resale and now their protecting Carpinteria with their beautiful masks. This couple are the greatest neighbors and such an asset to Carpinteria.”

A reader sends a halo to the superb seamstresses of Crafty Ladies making masks for Neighbor to Neighbor. “Their contribution sewing masks is making a big difference in reaching our goal to provide free masks for every Carpinterian.”

A reader sends a halo to those who are keeping the Little Free Libraries stocked on Dorrance Way by the Community Garden and on Linden Avenue at Wullbrandt Way. “You’re keeping me mentally healthy.”

A reader sends a halo to Dale Olivias for helping this injured gal put air in her VW tires at Risdon’s. “You’re the best! You’ve helped so many people in Carpinteria and you are much appreciated”

A reader sends a halo to Mac Brown for his excellent work on the Chismahoo private road. “You’ve made a lot of property owners very happy!”

A reader sends a halo to Santa Barbara Public Library for delivering books to Carpinteria. “What an amazing gift to our community, thank you so much to the library workers and to the Santa Barbara Library Foundation for their gift.”

A reader sends a pitchfork to gardeners with blowers. “Despite a pandemic, you continue to kick particulates into the air when so many of us are having difficulty breathing.”

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