The four local families partnered on the Surfliner Inn project would like to express appreciation to the four City Council members for not supporting the motion to hold an advisory vote and to allow the multi-year approval process to continue on to the negotiation of the DDA. The remaining path for approval of the Surfliner Inn will consist of an exhaustive, independent, extensive and objective review of the project, with multiple opportunities for everyone to share their views, suggestions and opinions. 

We are excited to have this rigorous examination of the Surfliner’s many benefits to the city and local merchants. In addition to the much-needed income to the city, the Surfliner Inn will offer additional parking, while not increasing traffic in the beach neighborhoods and adding new walking and bike paths. The project will also benefit our local business owners while helping to revitalize that section of the Downtown T.

There is a great deal of misinformation being circulated about the Surfliner. We invite anyone interested in learning the facts about the Surfliner Inn to meet with us, either in person or via Zoom. Please visit and reach out to us. We would welcome the opportunity to share the vision, hear your opinions and talk.


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