It was difficult listening to 20 bellyaching presidential hopefuls in the recent Democratic debates. Nary a one stressed the qualities that have made the USA the greatest and most successful country in the world: Individual hard work and personal effort to achieve success along with collective efforts to assist others in need, both internally and abroad.  

I have personally grown tired of the mantra that we are all victims of capitalistic greed.  I have yet to hear anything close to a reasonable explanation of how all of the “free stuff” the debaters offered (medical care, education, guaranteed salary, elimination of debt, reparations) would be financed.

Higher taxes on individual rich and successful corporations wouldn’t come close to covering the costs. Specifically, I’d like to have Bernie Sanders explain why single payer health care was a total failure in Vermont, his home state. I encourage good folks to do individual research. One can easily determine that Elizabeth Warren’s 2 percent wealth tax wouldn’t come close to covering her gift programs and Medicare-for-all would be a national health care disaster. At least Kamala Harris backed off her ridiculous support for eliminating private health insurance.

I’m conservative. I was hoping that at least one of the 20 Democratic debaters would have had the guts to argue that common sense needs to prevail and that “free everything” is not reasonable. Maryland representative John Delany (on the far right during Debate #1) came close to doing so. In my opinion, he was, by far, the least-ridiculous in the group of 20. I don’t know much about Delany, but I hope to hear more from him.

A bit of levity: Regardless of political party I will consider voting for a candidate who will put an end to robocalls.

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