Isn’t it time that we stop putting all of the focus of our angst and anger on cannabis and the industry that’s evolving in our area and place our energy and focus on real issues? Every time that I read the Commander’s Recap of the Sheriffs report in Coastal View News, I become more concerned by what appears to be a growing issue of meth and heroin incidents in our small community. Nearly 80 percent of the interactions listed each week are meth/heroin-related. This should alarm each of us at a much greater magnitude than the issues of a smelly crop.

How can we support our Sheriff’s Department and get to the root of the issue of Carpinteria becoming a haven for meth and heroin users? Is there an issue of manufacturing and/or distribution in our area that warrants significant focus and enforcement? What can we do to crack down on the issues that are causing Carpinteria to become the haven for users of this dangerous drug that can provoke violent behavior?

Let’s do this for the kids that live here so they can continue to feel safe in our community. Let’s put the same energy and focus as we do with cannabis issues on a real threat to our community! Our reputation for safe beaches and world class agriculture should not be tarnished by the rising reputation as a haven for meth.

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Agreed. It's a tough row to hoe; people thoroughly enjoy living in a state of fear; it makes them feel alive, and gives them a scapegoat for the problems we humans create every hour, on the hour. Wake up and smell the coffee, folks...bigger fish to fry.

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