Peoplein California are fed up with the direction California is going.Democrats and Independents want to recall Newsom. FormerState Sen. Gloria Romero (D-East L.A.), a prominentDemocrat and the first woman to serve as Senate MajorityLeader in California, has endorsed Larry Elder. 

Why should Newsom be recalled? Because he is a corrupt, inept dictatorial governor. His severe Covid-19 restrictions have led to the closure of many small businesses and havenegatively affected the state’s economy. And why did Newsom, via an executive order, force nursing homes to take in Covid-19 sick patients, resulting in more senior deaths? 

Most recently, a report released by the California State Auditor revealed glaringproblems of mismanagement in key state agencies under Newsom’s control, such as $2 billion in unemployment fraud. Numerousother problems include the highest state income tax, highest povertyrate in nation, felons let out of prison leading to more crime, non-Californians getting everything for free, open border,homelessness crisis, poor wildfire management, no new reservoirs for water and lack of electricity. And to top it off, Newsom says heis “incredibly proud” of President Biden amid the botched evacuation of Afghanistan. 

Vote “yes” on recall to stop the steady decline of California.