In an ideal world, all citizens would demand fair and honest elections. They would insist that politicians and government officials implement common sense and practical voting laws and procedures. The highest priority should be that every legitimate vote is counted, and fraudulent ballots are discarded.

Voter ID is the most effective way to insure that “one voter, one vote” is enforced. How anyone could oppose such common sense is baffling. A photo ID is required to cash a check, to board an airliner, to register for a hotel room, to enter many government buildings, to get a Covid-19 vaccination, and the list goes on.

“Ballot harvesting” (stacks of ballots carried in by one individual) should be against the law. If someone is unable to return their ballot, there is a place on the envelope to designate a person to do so. Of course, a plain old-fashioned stamp will always do the trick.

If additional staff must be hired during elections, such an expense is vitally important. If we cannot be confident that an election was fair, then we cannot be confident that the elected candidate really won the election.

Who opposes these commonsense procedures? The liberal wing of the Democratic Party. Their flimsy reasoning is that voter ID disenfranchises minorities. If they really cared about the very few people without IDs, they could easily use their huge, “get out to vote” apparatus to take people to get one.