The Electoral College is outdated and needs to go. A recent Politico poll showed 50 percent support for using the popular vote to determine the winner of the presidency, while 34 percent support the Electoral College. The Public Religion Research Institute saw a new high for support for the popular vote with 65 percent. Independents want change too.

The Electoral College is an unfair system which disproportionately rewards smaller states. For example, Wyoming has about 590,000 people, and gets 3 electoral votes. California has about 40 million people and 55 electoral votes. This means each individual Wyoming vote counts 3.6 times more than an individual California vote. And, if you average the 10 most populous states and compare the power of their residents’ votes to those of the 10 least populous states, you get a ratio of 1 to 2.5.

Republicans have benefitted recently from the Electoral College. Neither of the last two Republican presidents would have won the presidency without it. A common right-wing talking point is if it weren’t for California, a Republican nominee could win the popular vote, trying to diminish California’s legitimacy as an actual state.

The good news is Colorado just joined 11 other states and the District of Columbia in pushing legislation that would require their electoral votes to be assigned to whichever presidential candidate wins the nationwide popular vote. This group represents 181 Electoral College votes. The law will only take effect when states totaling 270 Electoral College votes pass such a bill.

The president represents all Americans, and therefore each citizen should have their individual vote count equally.

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