After the horrifying and despicable acts of violence against our democracy today, prompted by Donald Trump and his congressional enablers, I am thoroughly disgusted. During the past four years, our democracy has been stretched to the limit by a president who has shown no regard for the rule of law, ethics, morals, leadership and the Constitution. For this, history will judge him as the worst president yet of the United States. 

I don’t blame the people who voted for him in 2016 for this. I believe they were looking for a change and saw him as a way to bring a new perspective to the office. I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. With his ever growing lies, deceit, denial and attacks on immigrants, dissenters, peaceful protesters, science, our environment, etc. the benefit of the doubt quickly faded. He has shown little to no leadership in protecting and guiding this country through the extreme economic and public health hardships of the Covid-19 crisis. He has handed out pardons like party treats to his law obstructing defenders, corrupt congressman and convicted war criminal murderers. His attacks on our voting rights and its system have been the most troubling of all. 

In Trump’s mind, if you don’t win you lie, cheat and claim the game was rigged. He is the ultimate sore loser. I am convinced that if we did not have a free press, a Democratic House of Representatives willing to make checks and balances on presidential power, an apolitical judicial and law enforcement system and a free and fair election, the course of our democracy under Trump could have a taken a dark and different path. The events of today forever seal Trump’s pitiful legacy in American history and one that can’t be repeated.


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Outstanding letter. When you don't fully vet your candidate this what you get. Never ever let someone who can't release their taxes run again.

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