We are local residents, tax payers, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers. We are patrons of local businesses. Some of us are authors of books, attorneys, medical assistants, nurses, teachers, realtors, firemen, welders, painters, therapists, retired older people and business owners. We love our dogs and we enjoy watching our dogs get socialized.

They romp, run, kiss each other. Each dog has a unique character. I consider our pets a part of our community too. We have been responsible dog owners and have been respectfully using El Carro Park for the past eight years. We police each other. When we spot a dog doing their business, we alert the owner to pick up. We are not negligent pet owners, as has been said.

People who do not appreciate our dogs, please understand we are not trying to push our dogs on you. We are asking for a designated time and place to let the dogs play, perhaps a time when it is your time not to come to the park. We respect the children playing soccer and baseball. We do not take our dogs to the park to interrupt the children playing. Perhaps there is a time for dog play.

We are a group of people who have common ground. We have become friends. It is a part of why we enjoy living in Carpinteria. Let’s not be divided around this issue. Let’s work together to find common ground.

Perhaps business owners would like to contribute towards our endeavor. We are C-Dog.org. You may contribute there. It is tax deductible.

Hopefully, the policies the city creates can be established to reflect compromise, so the needs of dog owners, dogs and non-dog owners can be considered.

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