Democratic-Socialism is an oxymoron; it combines two contradictory words. Socialism is actually antithetical to democracy. If you give control of the means of production, distribution, management of industries and social services to the government, then you have given up self-determination and freedom.  

The government then must determine what you get, when you get it, whether you need it and most importantly whether you “deserve” it. They must rank you personally and morally. Listen to the language: it is about lack, deficiency, dearth and scarcity. It is about who has more and does not deserve it. Did you ever notice how socialists tell you someone’s intent, then puts it in personal terms such as evil, immoral, deplorable, sexist or racist, then report that as fact? This is important. They are ranking you morally and finding you “undeserving.” Socialist thinking turns people inward, because it begins with lack. Resources are limited because Socialism creates nothing, it can only redistribute what someone else creates.

One of the interesting things about free-enterprise language and thinking is that it requires you to reach outwardly toward others. It is hopeful. It requires you do something for someone else. Its language is about your ability to improve your life, by reaching out and improving the lives of others. Its language is about creativity, capability, innovation, meeting needs, solving problems. When you run a business, you are trying to satisfy the needs of your customers. If you don’t meet those needs, then you don’t have a business. A vibrant economy is a system that works for everyone. Socialism, by its very nature creates poverty and lack. Because it creates no new wealth, it cannot create a thriving economy.

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