I noted in the Jan. 7 edition of CVN (Vol. 26, No. 16) that in the “Man on the Street” column a responder “wondered”: whether our democracy will survive after this attempt by the GOP to overthrow the election. The responder and other like-minded thinkers should be aware that the GOP’s election actions have been an acceptable and legal part of our free democracy.

An overthrow of our democracy was not attempted by the Republicans, but actually is being executed by the Democrats with their stated objectives that include State-owned public services like healthcare and strategies like income distribution. Most importantly, history has taught us that these socialistic actions usually lead to communism. Europe has many examples of this that we can learn from. If the future of the United States looks like that, would it make the responder happy?


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Socialism is the roads you drive on, the schools you attended and any number of other benefits received from the collective "we". Its overly simplistic to label everything in a binary us vs. them fashion but most who parrot these comments lack the ability to distinguish the differences.

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