In the USA, those running for public office accept contributions. It takes money to get elected. When the system works as intended, the donations are a matter of public record, open for all to see.

Suggesting that money can buy influence without proof strikes me as unfair. Should Das Williams be found to be stashing money in an offshore account to avoid tax liability, that would be newsworthy and cause for concern. Until then, why not just accept that he is doing his best as County Supervisor, and upholding the responsibilities the office demands?

Das has a long record of public service. He is raising his family in Carpinteria and shares many of the same quality of life issues others voice. It is not easy trying to balance what is best about living in Santa Barbara with the developments necessary in a fast changing world.

People hold varying opinions about weed taking over the town. Good or bad, cannabis is a useful plant. Eastern cultures have long accepted cannabis as a gift from the goddess because of its healing qualities and effectiveness influencing erratic energies to a more peaceful state.

If Donald Trump is looking for a cost-effective approach to control violent behavior and aggression in people with mental illness just give them an ounce of pot and send them home with a pizza.

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Proof?! Look no further than the specific elements of the county's pot ordinance that he pushed and the dates of the donations from people who directly financially benefited.....that oughta do it


Your boy has hosted cartels at his house -enough said.

Laura Capps will be getting a check from many respectable , law abbiding citizens. ITS ON.

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