This is in response to a recent letter writer concerning the California governor recall election (CVN, Issue 27, Vol. 50). So many inaccuracies. First of all, it is not Democrats and Independents fed up and calling for the expensive recall – it is disgruntled cult Republicans hitting at any target to vent their frustrations over the former guy not being able to cheat his way to a win.  

California is not rated the highest in poverty in the U.S.; the top 10 are all southern states run by Republican governors who take the bounty from California, the worlds’ sixth largest economy, and use it to subsidize their poor management and lack of concern for the poor and ill. I found the one right wing article that claims otherwise – not a valid source. 

We are in the middle of some of the worst crises we have seen in decades. Leading and living our way through this is difficult; hard decisions have to be made at all levels of government and management for the greater good. We cannot become a Florida or Texas. Thousands are dying and being disenfranchised of their rights and resources because of a misguided cult mentality enhanced and goaded on by conspiracy theories, fake “news” and MAGA carnival barkers and their ringleader.

I am grateful for the fact that the Delta variant is not decimating California as in Republican states, for the rapid evacuation of over 100,000 American and Afghans from a war we lost a long time ago, for the “better angels” among us and for President Biden, who has the common sense and courage to accept responsibility for his actions and the hard decisions he has to make – something the former guy never did at any time. Vote “No” on the recall to keep California safe and sane.