I am a resident of Carpinteria on Via Real near Nidever. I want to express my continued frustration and concern that our County Board of Supervisors does not seem to be taking our objections to big cannabis seriously. The Cresco proposal is only the latest. Not only does it increase the ongoing odor problem and congest the traffic on our beautiful country road (Foothill Road/Highway 192) but apparently now will build large two-story buildings. After nearly two years of residents speaking out, little has been done. Never ending meetings of the County Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors seem to have done little to restrain or constrain the growth of this industry. It is changing our beautiful beach community forever, in ways that are not necessary. If our supervisor, Das Williams, would simply interpret and enforce existing ordinances on odor that require “best available odor abatement technology” (as the Van Wingerdens have done voluntarily with carbon scrubbers), the biggest thorn in our side would be removed. But now, with two-story buildings marring our gorgeous pastoral “skyline” it seems even more intervention is needed.

Perhaps it’s just part of a generational shift in government that unresponsiveness to people goes unchecked while big business seems to get its way. That does not seem to be the mood nationally, but somehow it has taken over our Santa Barbara County representatives. If there were evidence the tax income from this business was substantial and we could see it happening, that might at least make us feel better. But even that argument can’t work since the income has not materialized and our county’s interest in vetting and taxing these businesses properly seems also to have been ignored. I remain a sad 40-year resident of Carpinteria.


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Jim, I appreciate your willingness to be proactive and vocalize your opinion on a matter that concerns you. I wanted to take a moment to clarify that by creating a purpose-built structure, the odor would be entirely eliminated from this project site. Also, the entrance to the property is being relocated to Via Real for all staff, which will reduce the vehicular traffic on foothill considerably for this particular address. Lastly, the 2-story structure will not be visible from Foothill Road, on foot or in car. This farm is committed to listening to the concerns of the community, and has proven that by redesigning the plans to conform to the wishes of our neighbors. Thank you again for speaking your voice, it is not unheard.

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