On Friday and Saturday, Carpinteria for the first time in history hosted the California State Lifesaving Championships. It was a great event and a success for our town. We had great participation for the Junior Lifeguards competition on Friday. Saturday was the senior lifeguard competition and we had some of the top lifeguard athletes in the state here. On Friday, we had Junior Lifeguards from Santa Cruz to San Diego and every beach town in between. God blessed us with a “Chamber of Commerce” day—perfect beach weather—and city staff had the beach looking as good as it gets.

Unfortunately, typical of our otherwise wonderful little town, one of our residents tried to ruin our day. She complained vehemently about our use of the big, vacant, weed-strewn city lot on Linden directly next to the train tracks. The lot was used by lifesaving teams to park their vehicles after delivering their equipment and children at the beach. There was supervision of the parking throughout the day.

I understand that she characterized the crowd as “hordes of out of town people.” She bothered council members and everyone else she could think of. Another way to describe those same people is, “Our friends and colleagues in the California lifesaving community and their children and families.” All those visitors were eating at our restaurants and otherwise doing business with us here in Carpinteria. Our restaurants were full and everybody had a good time. Apparently, some residents are not interested in seeing our local businesses who rely on visitors do well. Fortunately, most of us do not see it that way.  

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Marla Daily

Although I don't know you, here is the exact quote in the email I sent to the city on Friday on behalf of a coalition of more than a dozen households in the downtown beach neighborhood: "Parades of cars have been passing through our dead end street at Elm in both directions since early this morning—a condition created at the hands of the city. Hoards of intrusive strangers have filled every available trash can; they have invaded our peace and quiet and impacted our safety and quality of life." We are used to heavy summer traffic and street parking, but what happened Friday was extraordinary—a first in history. A dangerous situation was created, and we had no idea what was going on. The city has since apologized for failing to notice the neighborhood.

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