The Carpinteria Skatepark is low-hanging fruit. Gorgeous plans are in hand. Permits issued. It’s shovel-ready and ripe for the picking.

This world-class skatepark can and should be built in 2021. It’ll become a destination for athletes from up and down the West Coast. Skating, like surfing, is now an Olympic event, and Rincon Point is already a primetime arena for the best surfers on the planet. Pairing Rincon with an amazing skatepark would cement Carpinteria’s reputation as an unrivaled destination and breeding ground for athletes in important sports that are no longer considered alternatives. 

Skating is popular and inclusive. Look around after school and see kids all around burning energy in constructive ways. Once there’s a skatepark, they’ll flock to it and show impressive dedication to improving their skills. Carpinteria Middle School already has an afterschool skate club.

I’m hopeful and excited that Carpinteria families and businesses will come together to invest in the park this summer. The Carpinteria Skate Foundation has been raising funds for over 10 years only to see costs grow. Investments in the skatepark made this summer will bear immediate results. Coming out of Covid, Carpinterians can get behind this project and deliver a gift to the community at just the right time.