Carpinteria is quite literally the last small beach community in Southern California. The only area from here to San Diego of undeveloped land is the Marine Corps Camp Pendleton. Thank goodness for the Marines and the Federal Government.

A large roadside sign is necessary to indicate that you are entering any beach community south of Carpinteria. From Ventura to Carlsbad, they’ve all been overrun with commercial and residential development. Carpinteria is the last of its species.

A new hotel is being considered; when the name Carpinteria is brought up at some developer’s marketing forecast meeting, they must all be sitting there and salivating… just as in our Chamber of Commerce and current City Council. I see to that there is to be $5 million to be paid in “terms of rent and in terms of trades.” Although I’m not sure just what “in terms of“ actually means or translates to. Will it create better street lighting? Or, maybe it’ll be used to fix the traffic and parking issues in town?  What does half a million a year actually mean? 

What is not presented, offered or considered is the long-term effect of the city having to live with the new commercial development: increased traffic and reduced parking. Just where is this proposed parking lot to be located? What open space is going to be given up to provide a parking lot for hotel guests? 

Unfortunately, eventually it’ll happen. It’ll become simply too financially tempting. A developer will make an offer too tempting to resist.

What that eventual offer might be, no matter what, it will never be able to buy the legacy, heritage, tradition and history of Carpinteria. Many Carpinteria families would never forgive what further development would impose on their city. Demonstrate respect and be damned thankful you’re here! 


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[thumbup] Well said Sir!

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