Carpinteria does not need another hotel, plain and simple. Carpinteria already boasts a plethora of accommodations. We have Motel 6 North, Motel 6 South, Best Western Plus Carpinteria Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Casa Del Sol Motel, Sandyland Reef Inn, Carpinteria Beach Cottages and the proposed new Marriott hotel on Via Real. In addition, there are numerous vacation rentals by owner and AirB&Bs.

Carpinteria is also home to one of the most popular and reserved state park campgrounds in California. Not far to the north, Summerland, Montecito and especially Santa Barbara have hundreds of motels, hotels and vacation rentals. To the south, we have the Sea Cliff Inn at La Conchita and all of Ventura County full of tourist accommodations.

Carpinteria is already brimming with tourists year-round. Summertime is bordering on obnoxious trying to maneuver around town. Locals should not be forced to take the back seat to tourists. To think that visitors to the proposed “Railroad Hotel” will ride the train is unrealistic. Reality dictates that people will drive their cars instead, adding to our already congested traffic and parking problems.

The “Railroad Hotel” plan and location are inconsistent with the city’s own general plan: “Preserve broad, unobstructed views from the nearest public street to the ocean, including but not limited to Linden Avenue, Bailard Avenue, Carpinteria Avenue and U.S. Highway 101. Require new development or redevelopment in the downtown section of Carpinteria to conform with the scale and character of the existing community and consistent with the city’s theme of a small beach-oriented community.”

Let’s say “NO!” to the proposed Railroad Hotel and keep Carp Carp.

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