If you care about the environment you are probably aware that harbor seals live here. Some do not care. On Saturday, a fisherman did not care, nor did he care that he was violating a City Code by entering the closed section of beach that the seals call home. Nor did he care that he was violating a Federal Law by disturbing the seals. Nor did he care that his young son was learning to ignore the law. He was informed that his actions could well lead to the harm of newborn pups so there was a reason for the law, and he still did not care.

I wonder if he would care if he learned that the next morning there was an abandoned pup calling for its Mom, and two days later that pup was too weak to call, or to fight the waves as it was washed down the coast. Someone cared enough to call Channel Islands Marine and Wildlife Institute but by then it was too late.

We have a great many in this town who do care about our wildlife, and about loss. Many care enough to learn that rules and laws have a reason. But here, in this small town that is fighting desperately to hang on to its unique heritage of beaches, mountains, creeks and wildlife, laws seem not to be enough. We must all care.