I am a retired schoolteacher and mother of five children. I understand the importance of providing a solid foundation and safe and secure environments for children. Educators play an especially important role in children’s lives and must be consistent at setting a good example. I am writing to express my grave concerns with the school district accepting $189,000 in funds from cannabis industry growers to, of all things, fund a full-time school counselor. I find it disheartening and undignified. What kind of an example are administrators setting for teachers, parents, students and residents of the school district?

It appears that the only two people that have ethical standards are Rogelio Delgado and Principal Gerardo Cornejo. Elected and hired educational leaders sign a contract to uphold the office and responsibilities the position mandates. I suggest these leaders review their contracts, policies and procedures before they find themselves unemployed and/or in court. I strongly encourage the school board to reverse their decision to accept $189,000 in funds from cannabis industry growers, specifically, the $189,000 from Carp Growers. Everyone makes mistakes.

We expect elected board officials and “leaders” to retract their decision, immediately. They must represent the best interests of and set an example for not only the children but also teachers, parents and residents. How could they possibly think it would be wise to take what amounts to a field trip to a pot farm, and publicly pose as smiling proponents for cannabis industry operators? How could this be interpreted as setting a good example? If they had been paying heed to the level of distress this industry is creating within the region (and other regions of our county), they would know that the majority of Carpinterians would not approve of these actions. Their voices/votes will reflect this.

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