As a local mom, I’ve thought a lot about cannabis farming in Carpinteria. It’s now a fact of life that cannabis is legal. I never thought cannabis was a big deal, because it has been around in Carpinteria ever since I was a kid and before that. It’s funny that now that it’s legal it has now become a big issue for some people, as if the plant being around is some huge change.

Whether you can smell it sometimes or see advertising for it on billboards in LA, it’s the same cannabis that has been everywhere as long as I can remember. Being open about it is much better than being weird and secretive about it.

I don’t personally see cannabis farming locally as a big deal for myself or my family. In fact, CARP Growers supported our youth football program, which made it affordable for every family. Frankly, it’s frustrating to see people attacking the local farmers for growing a different plant.

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