My name is Diana Thorn, and I have lived in the Carpinteria area for over 26 years. I am saddened and outraged over what is happening in the Carpinteria area. The cannabis industry is spreading like wild flowers. I am upset about the nauseating skunk like smell, increased crime and the devastating consequences it is having on our crop growers, especially the avocado farmers. Avocado growers cannot get their crops sprayed because cannabis growers fear contamination. Isn’t our food supply more important than a drug? Will our farmers be driven out of the area?

As a longtime resident of the Carpinteria area, I am worried about the reputation of Carpinteria. Greed and money have been put ahead of the health, safety, food supply and economic security (value of homes) of Carpinterians. It is time to reevaluate. It is time to stop issuing cannabis permits and deal with the problems caused by this industry.

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