Cannabis farmers are Carpinterians and are a huge part of the strength in our community today. A front-page article in the Sunday, Nov. 10, LA Times inexplicably claims that cannabis interests have somehow infiltrated Carpinteria. How do farmers that were already here for generations infiltrate groups they already worked with for generations?

Joe Mozingo, LA Times writer, should spend a bit more time, in “our” Carpinteria. Chances are he’d infiltrate Carpinteria groups and causes too. Perhaps we will accept him despite his writing mean and dishonest things about our town… In all seriousness, this conversation is getting tiresome. What is most concerning is that Concerned Carpinterians are intent on dividing people. We get it. The smell can bother you sometimes, and yet so does the fertilizer being sprayed on the freeway project.

To spin conspiracy theories and then sell them off as reality to media is not the way we should treat each other. It’s easy to say “a lot of people” are in cahoots in a small town because everyone here is in cahoots. That’s why we live in a small town.

I recommend getting involved in community causes like our local farmers have always done. Soon, you might just find yourself building bridges with neighbors, learning things about each other and not obsessing about negativity. It’s about time some people in the community stop using cannabis as a wedge. It’s legal. We live in a farm town.

Remember, we live in Carpinteria. It is the best place in the world. Our beaches are marvelously magnificent with sensational sunrises and sunsets. Our parks are fantabulous. Step back, breathe easily, Carpinteria is not Los Angeles. Please, listen to the “Frozen” soundtrack while taking in a Carpinteria sunrise or sunset: “Let it go!”

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