As a former teacher, I was appalled to see the picture of Superintendent Rigby and school principals (except Gerardo Cornejo) having their picture taken with the Glass House logo. School leaders must not be used as publicity for the cannabis growers.

The superintendent and principals are supposed to be models for our students and teachers. What were they thinking when they appeared in this picture promoting this product? CUSD has a policy that clearly states that there should not be any endorsement of any business or product or unduly commercialize or politicize the school environment.

The acceptance of the $189,000 is also against the CUSD District Policy #3 of 5131.6 stating that “the Board shall ensure that acceptance of the gift, grant or bequest does not: Promote the use of violence, drugs, tobacco, or alcohol or the violation of any law or district policy… While greatly appreciating suitable donations, the Board shall reject any gift which may directly or indirectly impair its authority to make decisions in the best interest of district students.”  

The city of Carpinteria in June sent a Resolution to the Board of Supervisors requesting the county to reconsider increasing buffers for sensitive receptors from the current 600-750 to 1000 feet. The County Planning Department is looking into possible changes. In the past the superintendent has written both county agencies recommending a buffer of 1000 feet using the property line to property line measurement. Currently there are five cultivation sites close to the high school that are probably less than 1000 feet distance.

I understand the need for a counselor at the middle school but this must not be done at the expense of a clear violation of CUSD’s Board Policy. This vote needs to be rescinded. Nonprofits accepting money from cannabis puts any federal funding in jeopardy.  

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