In a recent CVN letter to the editor (Vol. 27, No. 41), Carolyn Edwards, referencing the tragic situation at our southern border, asked “Where are the children?” Readers are familiar with the border crisis and realize that no answer has been provided and that the media is simply ignoring this Biden-created catastrophe.

Vice President Kamala Harris recently went to Central America and El Paso to seek out the “root causes” of the problem. I claim no expertise in international relations, but I can easily identify the root causes. Harris never visited the sites, and her woeful explanations didn’t answer Carolyn’s question. 

I’ve stated before that I didn’t vote for Biden, but he is my president and I want him to do well. I have wonderful liberal friends and hope that some can provide responses to my genuine concern that the current policies are detrimental to the welfare of our country. A major concern is that Biden’s rush to the Green New Deal is curtailing our current energy supplies long before we have other dependable energy sources. It will be a long time before renewable energy sources can replace fossil fuels. Biden seems totally oblivious of this fact.

Somewhat related, I am extremely tired of charlatans like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters continually referencing folks like me, who want election reform (including personal IDs), as “racists.” I generally don’t like to openly criticize individuals, but these people simply shouldn’t be in Washington. Granted, there are others (including conservatives) who we should remove from office through the voting process. On the voting reform issue: How about simply helping those who don’t have a personal ID get one so they can vote? 

America isn’t perfect, but I love it. I hope liberal friends can make me feel better about Biden and Harris.