I am very much against this hotel proposed to be built by the railroad tracks, eliminating the existing public parking area. Just as bad is using the space next to The Spot for new public parking to compensate. I would like to point out two problems with this new parking area:

First, because of where this new parking lot would be located, exiting cars must make a left turn toward town, resulting in crowding behind other cars in line waiting on Linden Avenue to cross the tracks when the guard arms are down. This means the local beach people will need to be willing to let them in if the car in the lot is in a hurry. Have you ever seen the long line leaving the beach area toward town at rush hour in the mornings? Sometimes the line almost reaches the beach.

Second, have you ever watched how many children who live in the beach area cross the tracks each morning on their way to school? Little children, ages 8 to 10 or so, are not always aware of the danger of darting into a street. They often walk without a parent. This stupid new parking lot poses a threat to these children. Can you guarantee that the cars in this new lot will be watchful?

And don’t forget that Linden Avenue is the only way out of the beach area. I have lived here for 30 years and only remember one time that it was necessary for the State Beach to open up their road for emergency exit.

This hotel is a very bad, detrimental idea for our city and I am in the majority who are against it.

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