For over 30 years, the California Avocado Festival has been a family-friendly free event held on Linden Avenue in the heart of Carpinteria. The board of the California Avocado Festival had every intention of hosting the “Back to The Roots” community centered festival again this fall. With the Covid-19 vaccination cards requirement and a limited capacity, holding the festival down Linden Avenue was not possible due to the many arteries that would need to be monitored and controlled by fencing and security. 

We hold safety measures in the highest regard so our community members can enjoy the Avocado Festival safely and continue with our incident-free track record. After looking into compliance with all the Covid-19 restrictions implemented by the state, city and medical authority, we decided to find a feasible alternative for the 2021 festival. For the festival to be possible and to comply with all the different agencies’ regulations, it would need to be a fenced-in, low-capacity event. The board planned to host this year’s California Avocado Festival on the Linden Field as a gated event. 

After much consideration, it was decided that hosting a paid entry gated event would change the character of the festival and not reflect the intentions of the California Avocado Festival as a community-based, inclusive, family-friendly free event that we have enjoyed in the past. This led to the difficult decision to postpone the festival again this year.

The board of the California Avocado Festival is committed to keeping the community at the center of the festival and will continue to support local charities and distribute academic scholarships. In order to make future festivals possible and maintain our current donations, we will be hosting various fundraisers. These include our merchandise booth at the Farmers Market every Thursday in September and a live fundraising event on Oct. 2. 

We will continue in the coming years to go “Back to the Roots” with more Carpinteria-centric music, artisans, food, services and nonprofits. We hope you will continue to support the California Avocado Festival and its community-based mission as we march on to 40 years of peace, love and guacamole. 

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