Recently I received a notice for a public hearing regarding a new cannabis project in my neighborhood. The situation that the “pot farmers” have created here in the valley of Carpinteria has been going on for at least three years, if I remember correctly. Countless letters have been sent to CVN, the Santa Barbara News Press, the Santa Barbara Independent. Even the Los Angeles Times and network news programs have been involved in our plight. I say “plight” because as I write, the nauseous, noxious fumes of pot are coming in through my open patio door, which I will now close. How would you like to be closed off in your home on a beautiful summer day… sweltering?

The pot farmers initially “promised” to “fix the smell” issue. I couldn’t hold my breath that long! Not only have the pot farmers not been good neighbors, they have failed to accept the other agriculture in the valley and forced those growers to change their methods of protecting their crops because cannabis cultivation was being harmed.

The city of Carpinteria has done, I hope, what it can on this issue. However, based on the past performance of Santa Barbara County, and specifically the unholy three supervisors who are imbedded in the cannabis industry, this project will be green-lighted for approval and the citizens of Carpinteria Valley will continue to be subjected to an unhealthy environment.

If you want to grow pot, do it where it won’t infringe on the quality of life of your neighbors. Pot benefits some, but not all. And I would venture to guess the “some” are substantially fewer than the “all.”

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