There is a sizable fine for unauthorized parking in an ADA parking space. Is there a penalty for removing existing accessible spaces from the city lot?  How does Carpinteria plan to replace the four handicapped-parking spaces that will be lost when the property is developed? Some of us worked for years to get the city to recognize the need and the law that requires parking for people with limited mobility. Making the world less accessible in the 21st century? Not nice.

Given the number of drinking establishments in town and the tens of thousands of visitors who attend our popular festivals consuming an impressive number of beverages, how does the city plan to deal with the loss of the public toilets? An increasing number of businesses have posted that their toilets are for employees only. When you got to go. You got to go.  

Also, please do not overlook the need for loading zones for the numerous Uber and charter buses that will serve the new inn, dropping off and picking up guests. You wouldn’t want to block use of the public sidewalk with luggage and personal belongings.  

Progress comes at a cost. Accessibility and toilets shouldn’t be expendable.

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