I very much enjoyed reading about Carmen Robitaille’s 90th birthday celebration in the Sept. 9 edition of the Coastal View News (No. 27, Vol. 51). You see, in this crazy “six degrees of separation” world we live in, Carmen and I are connected. When I was a child growing up in the San Fernando Valley, Carmen’s father, Dr. Villar, was my family physician.

Dr. Villar started his practice in Los Angeles, but in the early 1960s, he relocated to the San Fernando Valley community of Encino. About that time, my family moved from Sherman Oaks to Encino, and when my mother enrolled my brother and me at Our Lady of Grace Catholic School, she asked the school secretary for the name of a local doctor. From then on, Dr. Villar did all our exams and treated all our illnesses. To this day, I remember his kind and gentle manner.

I don’t remember exactly when and how I made the connection, but I do recall being at a Carpinteria Valley Little League baseball game long ago and telling John Robitaille, “Your grandfather was my doctor!”

Almost every Sunday, I drive down to Encino to visit my mom. She is 89 years old and still lives in my childhood home. I always bring her a copy of the Coastal View News so this last weekend, she was especially interested in the Sept. 9 edition, reading about Carmen Robitaille, and reminiscing about Dr. Villar. It really is a small world.