In last week’s “Letters” in CVN (Vol. 26, No. 9), I saw some slight reason for hope. Across a few of the pro-cannabis letters there was an acknowledgement that “yes” there is a cannabis odor, and that the odor itself can be bothersome (I might be more forceful, but it’s a start). This simple truth—perhaps—gives us something to build upon. Because from acknowledgement can come understanding and compromise.

Our multi-generational growers are used to fighting it out in what was a globally competitive and razor-thin margined flower market—no easy task!  That was then, however, and this is now. Cannabis revenue and profitability is like nothing anyone has ever witnessed. It’s a completely different business.

Once we acknowledge that odor, health and values are huge issues for all of us and that growing weed is a business, not a spiritual quest, we can begin to discuss compromise—do we really need lawyers and the county to define “good neighbor”?

For the big moneyed new facilities: spend more upfront, cut your operating profits slightly and build sealed greenhouses with carbon systems. These can become the standard which others follow. I understand that with each day of resistance comes fatter profits, but can we all begin thinking more long-term?

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