In last week’s letters, Sanderson Smith pointed out (pun intended) that it is possible to have a 1-point safety and that it has never happened in the NFL. However, it has happened twice in NCAA Division I football – in the 2004 Texas vs. Texas A&M game, and in the 2013 Fiesta Bowl between Oregon and Kansas State. You can Google the games and see the videos of both 1-point safeties. Other lower-division schools have also scored 1-point safeties, as did Moorpark College.

In the Canadian Football League you can score one point (called a rouge) for a missed field goal that is not run out of the end zone, or a kickoff that travels through the end zone, or goes out of bounds in the end zone or is not returned out of the end zone. In the CFL you can have a score of 1-0 or 1-1. Not likely, but not impossible.

Lou Panizzon


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