I have known Das Williams for over 20 years, since he first started working on local environmental issues. I worked with Das while he served on the Santa Barbara City Council, the State Legislature and now on the Board of Supervisors. It is that vast experience in local government that has compelled such a broad range of endorsements, from county firefighters, Sheriffs, Sierra Club, Women’s Political Committee, Abe Powell, the leader of the Bucket Brigade, City Council members Fred Shaw and Al Clark and the Democratic Party.

In contrast, Ms. Capps is a one-issue candidate who has never been elected to office. She sits on the Santa Barbara School Board in her first term, having been appointed without opposition. She has never held any other office. Until this campaign, I had never before seen Ms. Capps in Carpinteria—not at Avofest, not at a School Board meeting, never seen her at the beach. Das lives here with his two beautiful children who will be in our schools soon. He knows our community and is dedicated to serving us as well as can be done. Ms. Capps started her campaign with the support of the anti-cannabis activists around Foothill Road.

Read her campaign material on cannabis in Carpinteria—maybe some of it was true over two years ago, but not today. We live here. I ride my bike around and take our daughter to school every day. Our community is not “pervaded with cannabis odor.” The local ag economy, including cannabis farmers, provides thousands of Carpinteria jobs and today the cannabis farms provide some of the best salaries and benefits in local ag. The vast majority of us in the Carpinteria Valley support our local farmers. Let›s show it at the polls. Please vote and don›t miss the March 3 deadline.

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